Filippo Rivolta Full Stack Developer
Filippo Rivolta Fantasia Taylored Dreams

From Idea to App Store, crafting AI-Driven Bedtime Stories for Kids

Filippo Rivolta Fantasia Mockup

Built for Scalability: Golang, SQLC, Gin Framework, Postgres, and SOLID Architecture

Filippo Rivolta Employing Flutter
Filippo Rivolta Employing Flutter

The iOS Blueprint: Dart, Flutter, and the Art of Provider & BLoC

The Staging to Production Journey: A Seamless Process Leveraging AWS for Integrity and Efficiency

Filippo Rivolta Employing Flutter

A Framework for Rapid Development: using a scalable approach for future ideas and projects

Tailoring a Distinct Visual Language: Every design component is customized, blending gradients, typography, and visuals into a cohesive and pleasing experience.

Embracing Docker's Power: From Local Development to AWS Deployment, Facilitating Robust, Scalable Processes, and Reducing Unexpected Behaviors.

GPT-4 & Dall-E: Automated Story Generation Meets Custom Visual Storytelling for an Immersive Experience Beyond Textual Boundaries.

Stripe's Customizable Approach: In-App Purchases and Subscription Flexibility that Tailors Monetization to Individual User Needs and Preferences.

Sentry's Watchful Eye: Real-Time Application Monitoring that Identifies and Addresses Issues Proactively for Uninterrupted Reliability and Responsiveness.

Embracing Diversity with i18n: Translating Text and Interface into Multiple Languages, Encouraging Inclusivity and Broader Creative Exploration.